Our Philosophy

At Gudenaa Pharma we wish to supply the best products on the dietary supplement market. Our focus is on producing unique quality products. This means that we carefully select the ingredients in our products to suit the modern life style and that the ingredients we use have the highest purity that is possible to produce. We introduce products from infants to senior. Our products are carefully developed so that they interact well with each other and by using all our products that suit your age, you will have a composition that will put your body in perfect harmony.

The result is that you fully meet your vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, salt and Omega 3 needs. Besides water, it's the five most important elements in your body's wellbeing.

Your quality of life and health depends largely on what you eat. We modern people live in a busy everyday life, where we often choose the fast solution when it comes to food in the form of fast food and monotonous dishes. This means that we do not eat varied enough, so we do not get the necessary fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, we often get too much of some fatty acids and other nutrition, and too often you see in other manufacturers' dietary supplements that there is no thought about how humans are eating today. There are too often ingredients in dietary supplements we already get too much of, which is not the purpose of a dietary supplement. We want to change that in Gudenaa Pharma by introducing a wide range of dietary supplements that set the level of thoughtful quality products. We only add ingredients in our products that the modern people is short of.

Gudenaa Pharma is a Danish brand with headquarter in Copenhagen. The name originates from Denmark's longest stream, Gudenåen, and has a significant status in Denmark's history, due to its role as fishing water, transport road, power source and recreation area, and the use of the stream can be carried back to ancient times. Gudenå's original name was Guthen, which meant 'it to the gods initiated'. Later the ‘stream’ was added. Our logo represents Gudenåen's watercourse. We regard ourselves as an honest, quality conscious and innovative brand with passionate, competent and accommodating employees.