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Gudenaa Pharma® Ageless has several good qualities. Our product contains two superfoods - Nordic blueberries and black garlic - as well as the “eye vitamin” lutein. The tablets contain all three ingredients in an ultra-high amount that has not been seen on the dietary supplement market until now. Ageless is for you who want to maintain healthy eyes and a youthful look. Using Ageless will provide you with plenty of antioxidants and allicin. This product can be used by anyone over the age of 14. The tablets are taken with water and are easy to swallow.



Ageless contains wild Nordic blueberries - or bilberries, as these are also called. Nordic blueberries have a higher content of vitamin C and vitamin E than common, cultivated blueberries as well as a higher content of both antioxidants and flavonoids. Furthermore, blueberries and lutein helps maintain healthy eyes and a normal vision. Black Garlic contains allicin, which is an antibiotic. Allicin in black garlic prevents bacteria from destroying the white blood cells in the body. The white blood cells are an effective part of the immune system preventing infections and killing bacteria. Compared to white garlic, black garlic contains more antioxidants and allicin. Our black garlic is flavourless and odourless.



Gudenaa Pharma® Ageless (180 tablets) contains per daily dose (2 tablets):
Blueberry (4500mg), Black Garlic (3000mg), Lutein (13.8mg)